My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The cost of cars....

      Well, my purchase price was reasonable for the age and condition of the neon, but now I get to keep investing money, it started with insurance before I even drove the car out of the parking lot.  Then there are the sun shade, the seat covers, the license plate frames, and today the cost of title transfer and license plates, oh, and sales tax.
     Monday the car visits Fisher Automotive, oil change, new tires, if they are in, and brake work, which might just be air in the lines but with my luck, it will be more expensive.  Getting a security key from the Dodge dealership and having that programmed will run me around $170+, but I can send Ben to Jacksonville with the car and not miss work, I sure need that paycheck.  I did order more keys and key fobs from Amazon, but it takes 2 'original' or dealer programmed keys to clone more keys.
     I want to order custom covers for the dash and back deck, or that black interior will really show sun damage here fast.  I will make the back seat cover, am sure I have plenty of fabric for that job.  And I bought a pack of cheap CDs and made the car some music disks.  
     My slush funds savings had over $3800 before buying this car, it is now down to just over $1200.  So, I have spent or invested a lot of money in the car and a bit in the house, lighting in the sewing area, a new, on sale coat for me.  And this does not cover that dealer key and programming it, or the visit at Fisher Automotive.  
     But I do need transportation and I do want something that is more space than my truck, more dry cargo area than my truck and I can afford this car and to have my truck repaired.  I will put my tax refund to good use on the truck repair costs, and other needs.  My wish list for that tax refund had stayed small and now that I bought the neon, it will stay very small.
     And it has been too cold to play with my new car, so I hope to have it warm up a bit and get the seat covers on, the license plates on, start the car and get it turned around, and give Ben a chance to at least sit in it.
     Now, it is time to head for bed, know I get to go to work tomorrow and will again turn down the chance to go home and have a day off, JBS is having our supervisors keep the manning very tight, both Monday and Tuesday someone in our area has gone home soon after start up.  And I will keep saying no, I now have a truck in the shop with a big repair bill and a used car that needs tired and brake work before I can start driving it safely...

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Well, at least I got the photo up on my blog.

     But none of the fun stuff, like the brakes are way, way to soft and not very responsive for my liking, the tires look ok but I want far better road gripping tread on tires so they will be replaced also.  The interior is very clean and in very good shape but black, so I will be doing beige or tan seat covers, back deck and front dash cover or the critter will cook here with no garage or car port.  I picked it up off Craig'sList, about as soon as the seller posted it, I was awake and going o try and copy/paste the BMW convertible I was drooling over to share with my pal Mike Ferrin and up pops this for sale car, priced at $1800, good buy at the condition the car is in, below KBB value for private sale.
  The weather looked to get ugly by evening so Ben and I headed out early and it was getting ugly by the time we made it to the PizzaHut meeting place in Lincoln IL.  Met the seller, but not his wife, in their bigger vehicle, with the kids and parked a very safe distance from the little red car.  Very safety smart family. I liked that. But the roads coming home got worse and worse long before we found our way back to Wall St. and parked both the little red car and Jake's jeep.
  Now, I start spending money, title transfer fee, sales tax, current registration, renew the plates on my old truck also, 1 stop spending into the state revenue coffers.  That will be Tuesday.  The car only had 1 key and it is chipped security key, and 1 key fob, so that is a call to the dealership in J-vile to hopefully order a couple correct, chipped, expensive keys and another key fob.  Monday's 'car is costing me money' thing.  And stop by Fisher Automotive to set up appointment about those squishey brakes I do not like, an oil change and please order correct for the car tires with far more road gripping tread for my driving security.
  I will be moving funds from slush funds to support this new to me car, and that will include seat covers, custom dash and back deck covers, I already picked up a steering wheel cover so that is done.  And since the car has a CD player, I need to make some car CDs and get some sort of small storage bin that will fit in that between the seats storage critter.  The back seat will need a cover, I will pull out fabrics and make that. 
     And the truck will still get repaired and come home to be the old house and other jobs truck and the back up for the Back Up,   Buying this car, now, I feel, is a good decision but I know it eats into my hobby/wood/bike building funds.  So, I plan to start out taking good care of this purchase, do have insurance on it, did that at PizzaHut, after paying for the car and while sharing a meal with Ben.  It will impact doll spending funds but the truck has already done that.
     It will not impact my on going old house project, which has ceiling paint drying with wall paint going on soon.  I will cry about the cost and arrange to have 4 sheets of drywall delivered from my 'up the street' place of business, where I also have a paid in full account.  They will deliver, and the fee is not that bad, the cost per sheet is higher than buying it out of town but the truck down did that in and it is either my attic job is on hold for a month or more or I get the needed drywall here in town.  
     A month delay is not workable if I am to remain sane and live in this house.  My sleeping area in the attic is a disaster, I have no sewing area, I have stuff everywhere, dolls are packed up once again and the attic is drafty, or draftier than it will be once all the drywall and osb is installed, seams done, a bit of foam in a can used to seal up some drafts.  And it will be cleaner, better organized and way past time I got that work done.
     Ben is my labor while he is living here, not always the best at getting with the needed work but he does a good job, just drags things out and doesn't put in a lot of work time when he could.  Progress is progress, and he lives here, I am supporting him and he is my 'free' labor for now.
   So, a nice car to drive once again and not bad on gas, I will flag the antenna so I can find it, that will take some time, once I am driving it to work, to recognize my own car.  

New to me car, and old house progress.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Changes in spending plans here

     The old truck has developed huge transmission issues that will be very costly to fix, still cheaper and better choice than a different vehicle, at least at this time, a key and note in the box for my mechanic, the loan of a vehicle from son Jake and I will get by until the truck is fixed and home.
     The old house will still make some progress on improvements, the north end of the attic right now, and I will continue with plans for the hobby shop building I sent plans to builder for and have funds set aside to pay for.
     I am ok with keeping the truck, and can afford that easier than I can afford to buy another used vehicle at this time.  But I will keep working toward the goal of being able to buy new, under good warranty in the future, 3-5 years down my road.
     My spending was done and I was on my way home when the transmission went out, Ben and Jake came to my rescue so my building supplies are home, the truck is at the shop and my 2 paid days off are going ok.  It will give me back part of that blasted credit debt I just paid down, but I can manage that, and I will gladly work any offered overtime, still be able to have money going into 401 and savings, so will manage here.
     It does stop me from buying any dolls I really don't need at this time, or ordering any yarns I don't need right now, but it will not hugely re-order my little life here.  And I can happily keep driving that old truck for years, hauling the building supplies, getting me to work and such, and know I will be running that Metro or that Rebel once the warm weather returns.
     But, maybe I will just tuck back into bed for a nap this very early morning and be glad I have a home, food, a job and a life that really does work for me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

401K moved, 1 pension locked, the other cashed outn

     And that cash out has paid down credit, arranged for a hobby building to be built and set on my site, has bought some goodies, filled the cupboards, and given me some additional financial stability for my long term future.
     That long, hard battle to recover enough to return to work, that daily battle with pain and people to be at work, to do the job to the best of my ability, the change of jobs, in plant, and the continued battle to rebuild my life, to stay employed is why I had that cash out oppertunity and I do appreciate it and know I did earn it.
     And I have again moved, in plant, to another job, qualified and now own that easier on my aging body, and I will continue to earn my living, continue to build that 401 stuff, pay into the tax system, work down my debt load, pay down my mortgage.  I will slowly keep working on old house repairs, and slowly work on chasing some of my silly dreams.
     The hobby building will give my wood shop tools a home, and in time, wiring so they run without me needing extension cords and they will give my scooter and my Rebel a dry winter home that is not inside my house.
     I have worked hard to get here, where I am right now, with a really good credit rating, with a job I should be able to work long term and might even pick up some daily overtime, that remains to be seen and I can live without that extra money, but know my savings and 401 are on a % so the more I earn, the more they get each week.
     The medical bills should be all paid off this month, and I will be very glad to see those behind me, the dental appointment is done and no additional costs there, the optical appointment has been done and I now have a paid for smart phone with a year of paid for service.  Small things but things that matter in my small world.
     I paid $1000 on my mortgage principal this week, and have been paying a bit extra on each payment.  That will continue and the tax refund might allow me to pay another $1000 or so on that principal,  I know it is not a big loan but I want get it paid down all I can while I am working.
     And I start every day counting my blessings and end my days counting my many blessings.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Moving on, forgiving and people that matter

     There are very few people around now that knew me when I was a child, a young woman, growing up.  Oh, there are plenty of people still living but not that I have any contact with.  I have moved too much, gone so far away, not come back 'home' often enough to keep that contact going.
     So, the few that do exist and are, in some way, a part of my life now really do matter, even if there has become issues that have pushed us farther apart.
     I wish I had tucked my pride and ego into my back pocket and said those words I had ready, for years, I forgive, I even do understand some of why and how and all that stuff, you matter, ya, the truth mattered a lot then, but you still mattered more then and do now.
     Michael, I have known you since I was 16, and cared, built you and your life into some magical 'he got it right, did it right' think in my head.  Thought of you when I was at low points and remembered you saw something special in me, when no one else did, that you cared and thought me worth caring about when it seemed that no one else did, and that mattered, that made a huge difference in my getting through those bad, hard, rough times.
     Six years ago, a bit more, we got back in touch, much older, far from where we were when we were young, and a long way from the very young people we were back then.  And a choice I made to go to town, on my day off, a choice someone else made, and my world, my life, my future changed when that Buick crossed the center line and smashed hard into the front of my little red, much loved truck.
     My life changed, my world became a pain filled nightmare that seemed to have no end, but you were there, you were light and comfort and solid ground.  When I needed dreams of a good future on the other side of a long and pain filled healing, you helped me build those dreams, helped me get through that long hard first months.
     But, you also deceived me, lied to me about financial issues, stupid, ya, easy for me to find out, ya, damn, the little things you didn't know about the woman I had grown into.  Like, I do my own taxes, like,  I think and run financial things in my head.    
      I thought a lot about you, about the time I spent with you during my accident recovery and what a big and valuable part of my recovery that time, and you were.  About the reasons we 'fell out' and that I missed you, but know our lives, for many reasons, both big and small were heading in different directions.  I can't cry and grieve over that, it would not change any of the past, nor would it build a road to the future.
     As I go through the minutes and hours of my quiet little life, my work shift, my home time, my thoughts and prayers often are for you, with you and knowing that I am, again, finding ways to let you go, to accept that I will never make it back west to see you and talk with you, laugh with you, get a big hug from you, say so many things that matter.
     Know that you matter, know that I am working hard to keep my life on a workable track, my finances out of the red, my old house making progress.  Know that I am a better person for our friendship, for the time I have known you and spent with you.  I pray for your healing, and I pray for all of us to cope, and accept what God and life hand to us, and know that the prognosis for your future is not bright and rosy.
     I miss you, my friend, and I pray for you.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cell phone entertainment

     I have used prepaid cell service for almost 13 years, cheap, poor quality phones and very low budget costs for the phone and service.  And it has worked and seems to keep working, not those phones, I have no idea how many cheap cell phones I have gone through in those years, about 2 years per phone or so would be my guess and very low budget, and low quality.
     So, more than a year ago I ditched the land line, the lousy quality of that service that kept getting more and more costly and the very poor internet service I also was paying for with that land line.  I went to my local cable company for JUST internet service, no tv service, no cell service and no phone service, because I just did not need them.  And I still do not.
     But I have decided I do want a good quality unlocked, will work with my current prepaid cell service that runs me around $200-225/year.  And, normal for me on such purchases, I started looking at unlocked cell phones, both on line and at Best Buys and our local Walmart, not saying those stores sell or promote those unlocked phones but I knew I could often find that same phone, unlocked for sale on line, but I could see, touch, handle that display phone in the store.
     And I Googled for reviews, was entertained by 'destroy the phone' videos, Motorola droid Turbo 2 won that contest hands down, and I liked the 1 I saw in the store, but for ram, hard drive and costs, it fell short on the first 2 and ran high on the last one. But I still liked the video and how tough that phone is.  But I am not buying, it is too over priced, it has too little a hard drive and it doesn't have as much ram as I would like. 
  So, having finally made the decision of which phone I wanted, which brand, model and so forth, I then went shopping for where was the best place to buy this item.  Which ended up being from the maker, gee, that works for me, and no, I am not buying Apple.  I wanted android based and also a phone that there was a jailbreak or re-rooting out there already.  I will be wanting rid of all that bloat ware, apps I have no use for that come pre-installed and will not leave without re-rooting.  Apple calls that jail breaking and has actually gotten a law passed so it really is illegal to remove the original operating system, software, and install a custom one.  Some companies void a warranty for that and some say 'have fun' and think if developers can make improvements and on their devices, all the better, works well for Google and their Nexus line, but I am not buying a Nexus phone either.  
     But Asus made the Nexus 7 and they make great quality tech things, including cell phones, my new phone will be 128G, 4G ram, cool, purple back, good price which includes a screen protector and case.  My coming phone is the Asus ZenFone 2, and I will be pleased when it gets here and once it is all set up.
     But putting it on my credit card proved another entertainment.  My credit rating is just at the low side of excellent, and I am not buried in debt, and have several major credit cards, 2 of which are from my very big, nationwide bank, as opposed to my local, has my house loan and safety deposit box bank.  So, I thought, as it is the easiest of my credit cards to make payments on, I would use that bank plastic, the cards that live tucked away and rarely get used.  And the order would not go through, it was refused by the credit card,  strange, I thought and tried again, but again that automatic system refused the charge, but they also sent me fraud alerts....about 3 of them that I then got to deal with.  I got out another credit card, which gladly accepted the charge, so the order did get placed and I did deal with the fraud alerts, Yes, that was really me, yes I really was trying to place that order.....
     Last night I was annoyed, it made a purchase a real hassle, and a trip up and down stairs several times, which hurts, with that big black dog helping or hindering, which is another hassle at times.   And I know the big hassle comes when that phone arrives and I battle setting it up, getting my service changed to that new phone, which, like the current cell phone, will live in the kitchen most of the time, it the case, being quiet.  And I know I will probably end up re-rooting that new phone, but not right away, but I will probably be setting up the needed filed for that re-root and tweak stuff in my laptop in the next few days so it is handy when I am fed up with those blasted not needed, not wanted, in my way apps that come pre-installed.
     Companies like Amazon, EBay, Twitter and so forth actually pay to have those apps, their apps pre installed and not removable in that new phone, and most people either use them or ignore them but I get in a snit fast when they take up MY space in MY device I paid for, when they want to download their updates for something I have NO need or want in MY device.....  And as much as I love my Apple devices, that is an issue I have with them and their pre-installed apps, I did discover I can tuck some into a 'folder' and I did all I could to keep them inactive and from wanting updates or anything else.
     But I want android for a smart phone, and a BIG amount of data space.....and that means I want rid of anything I have no use for, like sports, or financial, I can download and install the apps I want, buy an app if it suits me...  And I am glad my credit cards attached to my bank where my paycheck goes every week are so well screened...but it was an annoyance last night.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Changing employers

     Thursday was the last production day for Cargill Meat Solutions, Monday we go to work for JBS and an hour later than our normal start time.  I have done some of the needed stuff with my Cargill Pension and with my 401K plans so at least that is started.
     Yesterday I picked up my new Arizona boot, that brace I wear.  The new one is full base, not the full foot I expected and that had to be cut back some and the tongue of the brace was way too wide so Hanger changed that and the brace and I went to walk in the Mall and see if there were any fit/pain issues that developed with walking.  I did ok and picked up some bright pink laces for it.
     We are having a cool and wet weekend so far, I am hiding in my attic sewing space and did get another doll dress done.  Tomorrow I will work on making a new bodice pattern for my Wiggs Nelly body and a dress for Laryssa, probably the fall fabric I picked up at JoAnn's Friday.  I might try and sell some of my work at the doll convention in St. Louis I am attending in 2 weeks.  But for now, I am working with making some pattern pieces that will allow me to create several styles for the dolls.
     I worked with updating the music in my devices last weekend and with the new laptop to remove Microsoft apps I did not want and to set some things to suit me.  Now, all the removable memory is in the laptop bag except the portable drive, and I am working on getting my bookmarks and stuff set up, a little at a time. but
     I did go to Best Buy while I was in town and looked at a lot of things there, the newest iPad is not in stock yet, the Pro which is bigger than I want, I like my Nexus 7, and I like my iPad 3, but am looking to replace it with the newest version in the same size, with bigger hard drive.  I had hoped to see a new release in that 'classic' or original size but they released another mini and the Pro.  I like the physical size I have but know with my luck Apple will put out a newer and better version within 2 months of my buying the most current model out.
    But life here is quiet, or is most of the time, Shadow whines, the parrots do their loud and annoying noises, especially if I try and use the phone but life is calm and I am content.   The bill are getting paid on time,, there is food in the house and no one is driving me crazy.
     I did check my credit rating on line tonight and it is excellent, and I have worked to get it there.  I am hoping to make good progress on paying down the credit debt this winter and on the attic work.  It would be nice to get all the drywall up in both the north sewing area and the south retreat area. 
     Not a lot to say, I work, and do dishes, cook some, read, knit and sew, and like the quiet life and not having a dating relationship.  It has been years now since I had a significant relationship, some dating that never got very important since Miguel returned to Mexico and for close to 2 years now, I have not even been dating. 
     I do think or day dream about men from the past, long ago past, and hope they have or had a good life, it is ok to build day dreams while I work, makes the time and job go faster but I know it is jut silly entertainment to get through the work shift.  I am not the scared and messed up young woman I was back then, back in South Carolina, and I am so glad I made it to where I am now with so little damage.  It took me a very long time to become capable or running my own life, of knowing I was capable of far more than anyone ever believed I could do or become. 
     I like this very independent and stable me, and I work hard to be this woman I have become.  And I paid the price for all those hard lessons.  I know others don't understand, not a problem, it is not their life, it is mine and I am doing just fine taking care of it MY way.
     I am looking forward to the adjustment to a new company in the same plant, doing the same job, at least for now.  I know we will keep fighting with the old scald tank and the old dehair machine but maybe there will be more effort to keep the people who should monitor those things to be doing their job so we have less problems with our jobs down the line but I don't expect any huge changes or improvements any time soon.
    Now, back to the book I am reading and think about getting to bed,