My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Monday, April 06, 2015

Getting into April

We are warming up some and things are turning green, daffies are blooming and I really need to get the mower started.  Ben is getting the pampas grass cut down and we are using it for ground cover in areas that are bare and I have started to clean up the flower beds.
Work is going ok, I am qualified on the trim necks job now but the last 2 shifts I have worked a CCP job looking for contamination just after the hogs come out of the auto back saws.  And I don't get covered in blood, not complaining about it.
I am getting some doll knitting done and a bit of sewing and this past weekend I tidied up some of the doll things I had out that do have places to be stored.  I need to clean out something so I have storage for the doll wigs so they can stay tidy and I am working on a doll wardrobe trunk for the Wiggs clothing.  I need to put a 2nd bar in and have reinforced the area, have the dowel so just need to drill a hole and then glue the dowel in place.  I am not sure where I put those dowels but I know they are in my sewing space.
The doll club meeting has been moved from this coming Sunday to the next one, I had plans to buy 25# of flour at GFS while in Springfield but might be changing my schedule for that.  No reason to run to Springfield on a Sunday if we don't have a doll club meeting.
And I need to get started with the electrical work in what someday should become the upstairs bathroom, do what wiring I can get done and see about getting up at least 1 piece of water resistant drywall.  And get what I can done before it heats up, the more drywall I can get installed in the attic, the more energy efficient it will be.
And it is almost bedtime already, my evenings go so fast after I get home from work.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

The doll club meeting

I took the doll quilts and the items I had done, and the outfit I was finishing to our club meeting today and came home with my Lin Lin doll cold.  She got to go so I could makes sure the garments fit the dolls.  And as her job was to be my fitting model, she went in the bag with the quilts and came home in my knitting bag.
The weather was good, the snow is melting away and it was great to see everyone, we were very chatty and didn't do well at doing a proper business meeting. Our last meeting was the Christmas party so most of us had a lot of gabbing and catching up to do.
Both the Berninas have been serviced, and I have the Singer ready to put up for sale.  My little Nova even has the selector knob on and working and today I bought it a new light bulb.  And plan to order some of the new LED ones for my machines soon.  The cost is the same as regular bulbs for the sewing machines but should put out brighter light, and not get hot.
I might do a few more things for our club's UFDC event but first I will do a bit of sewing for my dolls, and I want a few things put away for Gracie before she comes.  I do have several pair of eyes bought, but will need a wig and want several for each doll, a short red one for RenaJane, she already has the long red wig, and both short and long for my other dolls.  And they need shoes and socks, so I need to be figuring out a sock pattern from my lace yarn for the dolls.
The hand that got cut at work 2 weeks ago looks really good now, the stitches came out this past Friday and I have a really good cream that nursing wants rubbed into the wound area often so I have been doing that.
I am knitting on a doll sweater I bought from a French designer for the Wiggs dolls, her English version has at least 1 error so I will need to figure out how to type up the correction and send it to her.  I think she did the knitting correct but probably had a bit of problem with the translating what she did for the English pattern.  I am using the soft gray sock yarn I got with my tax refund, the color looked good against the skin color of my tan resin dolls.  It will look good with brightly colored pants, leggings or wild skirt.
Physically I am doing better, do not get tired as fast or winded going up the stairs at work and today is the first time in almost a month I knew I recalled needed Gaterade as soon as I got home.  No seizure but on the edge of that shaky stuff and brain not wanting to keep on track, not good when driving home from Springfield.  I don't do much Gaterade on weekends but I need to do some, apparently.
I am still up to my eyeballs in debt but will keep working on making payments and getting it to creep down as I can. 
The time change will take a day or two to adjust to, but my bed is calling me now and I will soon be there.  I hope to get the dress pattern I want to use traced off and maybe even get the fabric cut out after I get home from work tomorrow.  And I need to work on some clean up and tidy work up in my studio area, get photos taken of the Singer I want to sell so I can get it posted on line.
All in all, I have a good life, and work to make it be what works for me.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

UFDC convention

     I had hoped to be going this summer but the time off work last month for medical reasons sunk that dream.  But others from my doll club are going and Donnell has been kind enough to agree to attend the Berdine Creedy dessert event as my proxy.  I will pay the cost and I am working now on making some small doll quilts for her to have as hostess gifts for her table mates.  
     This lets me use some very small fabric swatches I bought many years ago and had de died they either get used or tossed out, I need to tidy up and clean out in my sewing space and the tin with these stored in was part of that sort out and clean up.
      I used 880 small die cut fabrics, all different, both solids and prints to make 11 small scrap quilts and am using fabrics I got at an auction years ago for borders, backing and the binding.  The batting will use up some of the scraps of batting I have saved away and make a dent in that also.
     The house payment is made, and I paid on some bills, and will buy just the needed groceries this week but things are improving slowly.  I still have a lot of medical bills and credit debt, along with the new mortgage but I am starting to see some balance.
     I still need to file state taxes but the state web file is still not available, hopefully it will be next weekend.  That tax refund will go to pay down some of that credit debt, it won't make a big dent but any progress is positive.
     And I have lots of yarns and fabrics so can play at home and put my off work time to good use, doing things I do enjoy doing.  I did get tired of the quilt tops before they were all set together, I started the work last weekend, so I have a lot of hours piecing all those little fabric swatches together.  But the borders go fast, and I hope to see several of the quilts with binding ready to hand turn the edge by the time I head for bed tomorrow.
      So, the wind is cold, but the house is comfortable, we have food and the birds and dog are fine, they might be bored but they also have plenty of food and are in this warm house.  I have many things to be very thankful for in my life.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The new iPad

It is really not new, it is refurbished and instead of replacing the battery, they sent me a refurbished one.  And it has taken hours to get it set back up, and I am sure I will find stuff that still needs done but at least I am making progress.
I admit to having a lot of toys, from my scooter and Rebel to the dolls, my iTouch, my iPad, Nexus 7, several sewing machines, and more than 1 flat screen tv, but I also work at a meat packing plant for the money that buys all this stuff. 
And I complained about the hassle to get my iPad to Apple for the battery replacement and stated that I probably would not be buying another Apple tablet when the current iPad was toast....but now that I know what hoops to go through, and where to drop off the tablet for shipping, gee, it is livable.
And NO other company makes a tablet with as large a hard drive, and heck, I like Apple products....
So, maybe this fall, or next, the newest iPad might be on my list.
In the meantime, it is so nice to have it back, gone 8 whole days and I had other devices to use and enjoy and whine the whole time.  I am a very spoiled brat, but I am also the one working for all those things and the money that pays the bills here.
So, now back to tweaking the iPad to suit me once again

Friday, January 16, 2015

Back at work, broke but feeling a bit better.

All the heart tests show my heart is in good shape, so my medical problem is not caused by my heart, but more likely that I did not pass out but had a grand mal seizure which caused the heart to be wonky, but no damage was done.  
And the cause of the seizure?  Possibly my electrolites were messed up from not taking vitamins wi minerals and all the sweating at work.  And I did have some small seizure episodes while off work, gee, not anything I would actually have thought about.
So, the cure is take those vitamins, add in some iron and lots and lots of Gateraid to help bring up the electrolites and hope I stay stable.
I hope to get the disability pay, right now it seems all the paperwork is finally turned in and filled out right so I can quit bugging the clinic, and it is up to Cargill to make a decision on if I get disability pay for my time off work or stinks but not a lot I can do about it at this time.
I will get the first house payment made on time and the credit card payment made on time but I won't have any money to live on for the next week.  But I will get by and manage.
I did sell an outfit to someone in my doll club and hope to see the check for that this coming week, and have food in the house and plenty of fabrics and yarns to play with, and plenty of dolls to play with.
I like my single life, to have a man who would help out financially means a lot of changing and a lot of giving up my time and my control of my life, my house and other things.  I can manage and I will soon be filing my taxes so that also will help.
It was a hard work week, I am glad to be back at work and know as I keep working on building back up those minerals and such, I will start feeling better and hopefully avoid any more grand mal seizures, it was not fun, and it was a lousy time for me to miss work and miss the needed income.
It screws up my debt pay down progress, my old house work and my happy, sense of balance in this little life I have.
It will get back in check, but I sure will not be making it to UFDC convention this coming summer and I did have hopes for that but I have plenty of dolls to play with and might even get some outfits made, things knitting and some things sold.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Filling time

I am working on filling time, I have another week before my doctor appointment, so far no more tests that are scheduled so I am working on cleaning up the house and working on the sewing space.
 I now have 2 quilts done that were in the pile of things needing attention and 1 more to repair.
And then I can work on the pile of doll things that are part done or cut out and not yet sewn, the knitting that needs done, socks for Ben, repair a sweater of mine, knit on a sweater I started several years ago and really want to wear.
The weather has been mild this past month, that helps the utility bill, and I am watching my spending as the paperwork for disability pay is no longer part of our FLMA or rather we just have a lot more hoops to get that contracted benefit my employers say they have for us.  
But the FLMA has been approved so I can quit calling in every day, that is a nice change.
    Well, now it is well into the new year, 8:23 am in my kitchen, music playing, working on a pair of socks for my son Ben, checking Facebook, and email, a few other things and staying home.
    I do not have money to waste, nor gas, I still have days until I see the cardio doctor, and I do not know how soon he will release me for work or how much more paperwork and hassle it will be to get my disability pay but I know from others at the plant, that it has become far more hassle and often not all of it paid.  But it will get my medical co-pay made, if and when I get all the kinks worked out.
I managed to get through all the hassle and paperwork from the car accident without any money going to a lawyer so think I am capable of fighting this fight also.
      And I will win the battle with depressed, gloomy, discontent stuff too.  I have plenty here to play with and stuff coming that was ordered weeks ago, tracking seems stuck or else stuff is not moving, tracking is not being updated as stuff moves... But the ordered bird food did come and is put into storage jars, I don't have to worry about keeping those kids fed for a couple months.
If I ask, Jake will buy Shadow a bag of food, chews and biscuits but he is not good at buying toys for the dog child who loves toys.
   I am glad to have 3 quilts back on the blanket shelf and out of my 'to do' pile in the sewing space.  I also emptied a big tote and the plastic tub, so they are now down for Ben to use with his stuff.  I need to plan starting to remove the damaged ceiling tiles in the downstairs bedroom this winter and that means the room cleaned out enough for me to do that work and not have a huge amount of filth to clean up off stuff that is currently on shelves and about the room.
     All my dolls and such will need boxed up and moved out, Jake's stuff will need moved, covered, gone.. And Ben will need any and all his stuff out of the way and protected from the dirt, dust and general filth the job will create before the work can get started.
And my being off work is a real hinder to progress here, both with getting the work done and with the financial issue.
    I want to go play at the mall in Springfield, shop some of the sales, be out of home for a while.  I want to buy a good shelf board to go above the futon in the south end of my attic space, replace the deck board I put up there for a temporary shelf.
It did get the dolls up and out of my way so I could sew and I did get all 3 quilts taken care of, so at least I gained something.
    My plans for the next couple years were not for time off work with medical issues, and I know being pissed off at my own body, at my heart for something it did not deliberately do will only add to my stress, which does not help the heart.  
     So, I adjust the plans, and I appreciate all I do have, and that a medical condition has been caught early.  I work on things here at home that are started and not finished, I can find a mountain of doll things that fall in that category and I have a sweater started and 1 I am repairing, and quilt blocks my mother made that need something done with them.  
      There are dolls who could use some attention and plenty of patterns and fabrics for both doll clothes and quilts, a warm house to live in, food in the house, an area I dreamed of and worked for and will continue to work on for my books, fabrics, dolls, sewing, knitting, designing.
     I am in my own home, not dependent on a man for money, or the roof over my head, the clothes on my back or my sense of value.  A lot to be very thankful for, and plenty of reasons to step out of my blue and into the day and make it a good day.  I have that ability, and I will use it.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Adjusting and trying to be patient

Well, first weekend since the abnormal EKG and start testing.  The echo sonogram thing was done this past Wed. and I have yet to be notified about the stress test, it is the next one, so the medical team tells me.  And no appointment with cardio dr. to learn results of echo test.
So, no diagnos at this time, no idea of treatment or when I will be back to work.  And that will bug me but not something I can change at this time so I better cope.
I did fix the webbing on the little antique love seat and put 'dead cloth' on the underside.  Really, that is what it is called, and I ran out of upholstery tacks for that, they are actually cheaper here in town, where I bought the first 3 packages so I will pick up another and get that cloth covering finished.
The knitted doll dress is done, photos next and post on line with a price, have plans to do some doll clothes for sale while I am off and trying to not go screaming insane.
I have dog chewed holes in my purple gainsey so ripped back a sleeve and am re-knitting it and just found a second hole low in the body so will be ripping back the lower body next to reknit that.  And I need to make sure my clothing is far away from that dog, work on training that dog better, we are working with vinegar in a spray bottle for discouraging him from the antique love seat and I will do that with fabrics and wood.
Jake allowed the dog to destroy a lot of things, socks, shirts, wood, ect., and now Ben and I are working on some retraining so I can cope and enjoy living with Shadow.
I need to get the beadboard backing up on the peninsula here in the kitchen, the counter guy will be here again Monday for a final measurement, and the costs are now on my Lowe's card so I can get an appointment with my loan officer and roll all this kitchen project over into a mortgage and I will go Monday am and get that appointment set up.
Finances will be tight here, this time off work is coming at a very bad time for me, the leave papers are started, but the disability pay is not what I bring in a week, it does not start the first day off unless I am hospitalized that first day so I can kiss going to the UFDC convention this summer "goodbye" as my tax return will be helping fix the financial problems caused by this time off work.
And financial issues get me depressed fast, as does being home, off work for medical reasons, as does dealing with getting medical tests and appointments scheduled, but at least my kitchen has improved and I will push and nudge Ben, who is living here again, to help me get a few things done up in the attic, so I have it cleaned up and my sewing area usable.  Right now it is the catch all for wood trim, drywall scraps and what not.  But we can work on getting that trim up and we can get some of those small pieces of drywall used in the dormer and the rest hauled to D&D for disposal.
I have yarns, mending and fabrics, stuff started that can be finished, plenty here to play with and keep me busy while I get through this down time and the blasted heart problem found and dealt with.
But I am not enjoying being off work, nor am I enjoying having my financial stability shook up again.
So, maybe I can make a bit of money with doll clothes sewing, and I need those quilts mended, re-bound, and in the usable bedding shelf, that clears up space.  So would finish mending the antique crocheted bedspread, machine quilting the quilt that has been waiting for me to machine quilt for several years now.
So, all and all, I am or should be able to get through this down time better than the last time I was off for major medical reasons.  This is not like the car accident, I am not laid up and in a lot of pain and my house is in better shape, I have more space to live in and play in, am very mobile which I was not last time, and I will get some things done that are needing done.
Both Ben and Jake are handy if and when I need a bit of help, and I have friends and good neighbors so that will also help.